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EIS believes they can best grow the company, and increase company cash flow and resulting shareholder value, by aligning with professionals and organizations predominantly located throughout the southeastern and southwestern regions of the U.S. EIS is the largest firm of its kind with headquarters in the southern U.S. EIS competes with similar-sized firms headquartered outside the region, or international insurance brokers located in traditional money centers. Exports, as a segment of the U.S. economy are showing continued, substantial growth. Prudent use of export credit is a practical vehicle for realizing much of this growth. EIS is well positioned for the future by combining its geographical location with its industry segment, while both components demonstrate substantial growth potential. EIS is continually exploring related companies and services for expanding the scope of services it provides to its clients. EIS affiliation with major export credit report and marine insurance providers are some particular areas which are under constant development and enhancement.

In cases where EIS establishes satellite offices to its Augusta headquarters, it believes that the people involved in developing those offices should benefit both in the compensation they generate through the growth of the office, and through ownership. The heads of EIS satellite offices are both insurance and international trade professionals as well as entrepreneurs who have the best interests of their clients at heart.

In addition to selected professionals, state and local governments have established specialty organizations engaged in economic development utilizing various programs of international trade finance and services. EIS takes an active role by calling on clients, or participating in seminars and workshops, with representatives of these state organizations in order to promote these policies and services.


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