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Trade Banker

Insurance/Loan Monitoring "Trade-Banker"
For Lenders/Banks

What is it? Trade finance software designed to manage insured and uninsured domestic and export receivables loans.

Who uses it? Banks and other lenders.

What does it do for lenders?
enables you to safely include all receivables in customer borrowing base;
reduces loan administration costs and increases loan administration accuracy;
monitors loans with or without credit insurance (used as collateral enhancement);
monitors both EX-IM and private (AIG, CNA  EACI, FCIA, Gerling/NCM, Lloyds, TUI and other similar) credit insurance policies;
monitors export and domestic receivables against bank credit lines, insurance policy limits, buyer limits, and country limits;
assures you - on an invoice by invoice basis - if receivables qualify for funding under rules you set up ... if they don't, TRADE BANKER® tells you why not;
maintains a document checklist for invoices and provides a track record to assist with filing insurance claims;
speeds funding requests;
monitors expiration dates for  insurance policies and buyer limits;
produces premium and past due reports (other reports available in convenient Microsoft EXCEL format);
enables local relationship or calling officers and regional loan production offices to access the system over the Internet-based virtual private network (your own Internet/Intranet or on our server via the Internet);
customers may also be given remote access to review buyer availability, and to enter borrowing base changes and funding requests (password controlled and protected);
optional bank-branded: your own logo and collateral material can appear on customers' screens.

Who sells it? Lex-Tek International, an Atlanta-based software company which developed TRADE BANKER® with one of the largest specialty credit insurance brokers in the U.S.

Available for installation on your bank computers, or as a service housed on our server. Fees are tailored to your individual needs.  Licenses payable for perpetual fees or on a monthly basis based on utilization, plus a low annual maintenance fee to cover upgrades and enhancements.

How do users access it? As simple as accessing the Internet using a PC with a standard browser (Microsoft 5.1 or higher). There is no special hardware to purchase or software to install. You use your own Internet Service Provider.

Is it secure? Yes! Lex-Tek has been issued a certificate by the premier security technology firm, VeriSign®, for authentication and encryption. In addition, users must know four passwords to access the system. Passwords are assigned or modified by you on a "need to know" basis.

Is there a Demo available? Yes! Go to http://www.lex-tek.com for more detailed information.  Lex-Tek will se-up a 90-day test site that you can use to run and validate your own data.

More Information on Trade Banker®

Lex-Tek International - PO Box 723607 - Atlanta, GA 31139-0607
(404) 223-2453   (404) 223-2250 (Fax)   info@lex-tek.com

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